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Allmax Beta Alanine [400g]

Allmax Beta Alanine [400g]
Manufacturer: Allmax Nutrition
Manufacturer Part No: 1547
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Allmax Beta Alanine [400g]

  Supplement Facts & Nutritional Panel

Manufacturer: Allmax Nutrition
Serving Size: 5 g

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Beta Alanine

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 Details of Allmax Nutrition Beta Alanine

BETA-ALANINE Train Harder, Longer and Stronger!

Increase Strength
Boost Muscular Endurance
Train with Greater Intensity
Boost Intra-Muscular Carnosine
100% Pure high-grade

Want to train harder, run longer, lift heavier and kick harder? Who doesnt? With BETA-ALANINE you can finally achieve that workout intensity youve only wished youd be able to accomplish. Backed by research, BETA-ALANINE is the one essential supplement you need to get your hands on. As an muscle building fuel BETA-ALANINE provides the stimulus to increase anaerobic and aerobic endurance and delays in muscular fatigue, allowing you to push through every workout by providing the fuel to accelerate maximal workout power.

Delay muscular fatigue with BETA-ALANINE!
BETA-ALANINE is a non-essential amino acid that has been shown in research to increase muscular Carnosine concentrations. Carnosine is contained in both slow and fast twitch muscles fibers and is responsible for buffering the pH levels in your body. By promoting high intra-muscular Carnosine concentrations, BETA-ALANINE acts as a precursor to Nitric Oxide (NO) production and works to reduce intra-muscular acidification created by intense exercise and heavy training. In simple terms this means that BETA-ALANINE helps to buffer the pH levels in your muscles, preventing the acidity that occurs during exercise. A decrease in the pH balance or increase in muscular acidity leads to that muscle burn youll experience which often prevents gains. BETA-ALANINE provides the stimulus to push through this.

Smash through your training plateau!

But dont just take our word for it. In a 4 week study subjects who consumed 4 to 6.4 grams of BETA-ALANINE significantly improved their exercise performance and power output over the placebo group1. Researchers found that BETA-ALANINE also increased Carnosines ability to buffer lactic acid.

Furthermore, a 10-week study on the effects of BETA-ALANINE was conducted on football players2. The results of this study showed that the group of players who supplemented with BETA-ALANINE plus creatine gained more muscle and lost more fat than the creatine or placebo group alone.

This non-essential amino acid increases the lactate threshold, which is the limiting factor in most training sessions. The build up of lactic acid often prevents you from reaching your strength goals, as your muscles begin to fatigue. With BETA-ALANINE your training threshold is increased and your limitations can finally be broken down. BETA-ALANINE can help increase your training capacity allowing you to train harder, stronger and longer than your last workout. Review your training log and youll be amazed by the difference this simple addition to your training routine can make. Push through every rep and increase that weight!

BETA-ALANINE can improve muscular strength and endurance to provide a more powerful training session. With BETA-ALANINE you can pump out every rep to the max and push through those plateaus. Its the difference between blasting through your one-rep max and throwing the weights down in disgust. Experience the sensation of achieving your goals and pushing through them. Its within your reach with BETA-ALANINE.

Fuel your workouts with ALLMAX high-grade BETA-ALANINE.

The Beta-SYNTH Advantage
ALLMAX has acquired the purest pharmaceutical-grade BETA-ALANINE source called Beta-SYNTH. An 11-Stage process is used to produce this white crystalline substance. Beta-SYNTH then goes through a hyper-micronization process that gives you a fine, high-absorption form of BETA-ALANINE that is exclusive to ALLMAX. Beta-SYNTH has been laboratory tested to absolute pharmaceutical-grade 100%
purity; and you will feel the difference!

Boost Muscular Endurance Boost Intra-Muscular Carnosine
ALLMAX QUALITY GUARANTEE: ALLMAX Beta-SYNTH BETA-ALANINE is produced at an ISO9000, cGMP licensed, government inspected manufacturing facility ensuring product quality and integrity. Every lot produced is independently lab tested for purity and potency ensuring consistent quality every time.

Can I mix BETA-ALANINE with other supplements?
We recommend that you consume a high-quality post-workout shake consisting of ISOFLEX protein after your workouts and if youre trying to increase mass combine BETA-ALANINE with our mass gainer QUICKMASS. The only supplement that you should not consume in conjunction with BETA-ALANINE is our pre-workout formula MUSCLEPRIME as you would be consuming too much BETA-ALANINE at once.

Yes, BETA-ALANINE is legal. Its a completely natural supplement.

 Directions for Allmax Beta Alanine

How do I take BETA-ALANINE?
Research suggests that the effects of BETA-ALANINE are best experienced when it is spread out over four daily dosages. Dissolve 1.6g (1/2 teaspoon) of BETA-ALANINE in juice, water at each dosage. However, some have found taking the full dosage 6.4 g (2 teaspoons) immediately before a workout resulted in the best gains.

 Warnings about Allmax: Beta Alanine

Are there any side effects associated with BETA-ALANINE?
High dosages of BETA-ALANINE can create excessive sensory effects at the skin level in some users. Initiate use with half of a single serving to assess your tolerance to ALLMAX Beta-SYNTH BETA-ALANINE. As you become accustomed to the feeling, increase your dosage to 2 servings (6.4 g).

Who can take BETA-ALANINE?
If youre a healthy individual who trains regularly, BETA-ALANINE is definitely for you. If youre pregnant, under the age of 18, or breastfeeding you should not consume BETA-ALANINE. If you have any other health conditions you should always consult your physician prior to starting any new supplement.

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