Gorilla Jack Clothing

Backorders & Discontinued Products

How Often Do You Have Backorders On Products?

The good news it that backorders are VERY rare.
We will try our best to never delay your shipments! We hate backorders as much as you do and we have worked hard to eliminate them the best we can.

How Do I Check To See If An Item Is Not In Stock?

When you go to view the details of any item you will find a little orange and blue truck "Availability" icon which will let you know how quickly we can ship out an item. If an item has been discontinued or on backorder it will be indicated here.
Another way to see if an item is in stock is to quickly e-mail us at info@gorillajack.com orcall us toll free at 1-866-585-JACK/1-866-585-5225. We can check to see how much is in stock and see how much we have in the warehouse.

What Happens If My Product Is On Backorder?

If Full Order Is Backordered:We will notify you by e-mail within 24 hours letting you know the item is on backorder, and then we will e-mail you to let you know when the order ships.
If your item is on backorder, you can choose to change the item or cancel the order at any time.
If PART Of Order Is Backordered: If you ordered more than one item and only part of them are backordered, we will almost always ship the in-stock items immediately. We will then backorder the out of stock item and ship it when it becomes available. If we know the backordered item will be in stock within only a day or two, we may hold the full order until everything is in stock. You can also tell us to change the item or cancel it. We do not charge you anything when we split your order, even though it costs us more to ship it! We just believe that this is good customer service.
Note:We do not partial-ship USA orders. For more info about shipping to the USA, please see the SHIPPING INFORMATION section of our main Customer Service page.

If A Product I Ordered Is Discontinued, What Happens?

Sometimes a manufacturer discontinues a product so we can no longer carry it. When this happens, we try our best to take it off the site before we run out. If you order the item and then it is discontinued, we will notify you by e-mail as soon as possible, usually within 24 hours. You can then change your order to a different item or cancel it. We apologize for the problem!