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GORILLA JACK Gorilla Jug 2.2-2.5L [1 Jug]

GORILLA JACK Gorilla Jug 2.2-2.5L [1 Jug]
Manufacturer: GorillaJack.com
Manufacturer Part No: 2168
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GORILLA JACK Gorilla Jug 2.2-2.5L [1 Jug]

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BPA FREEBPS FREEDEHP FREE - Androgenic & estrogenic Activity FreeFood Grade PlasticEasy grip handleIm pact Resistant

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Manufacturer: GorillaJack.com

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Super convenient Gorilla Jug can hold up to 2.5L of liquid. Wide mouth opening makes it easy to add fruit, ice cubes protein and other powders with with ease. Makes it convenient too clean too! Features a leak proof cap with rubber seal and embossed scale on the side makes it easy for you to track your daily water intake.

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