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Name:Barry Pacak (Phase 2)
Home:Winnipeg, Manitoba
Goal:Gain lean Muscle Mass
Starting Weight:180 lbs
Ending Weight:235 lbs
Time to Reach Goal:6 Months

The Gain:
When I was a child because of the tasty food I had around me I gained weight. Since then I learned through the help of GorillaJack.com and their supplements how to lose weight efficiently and safely. Once I lost the weight I hit a growth spurt and found my self at 6'3 and about 180lbs by the time I was 20. A couple of years back I had successfully changed the way I lived my life. I had more energy and I was physically active but I felt that I was a little too skinny for my frame. I thought to myself, if I was able to lose all that weight I should be able to gain muscle as well.
The Change:
I really didn't know where to start when it came to gaining muscle. All I really ever did in a gym was either the elliptical or the treadmill. Since GorillaJack.com helped me out so much last time with my weight loss I decided to contact them again and get advice on what supplements to take to gain muscle.
The Lifestyle:
This time around I had to approach my situation differently and rethink my diet so I would gain lean muscle. I continued with my diet of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean meats, but this time around I increased my protein intake and supplement use. I also started to lift weight three times a week to help build muscle. I followed the advice I received from gorillajack.com and found myself building muscle quickly.
The Supplements and Nutrition:
I had to change my supplement stack from a fat burning stack to a lean muscle gainer stack. GorillaJack.com recommendedUltimate: Whey Sensation [5 lbs] - Chocolate Truffleprotein powder for my protein needs. They also recommendedXyience NOX-CG3because not only does it help build muscle, it also helps muscle recover faster. The final item they recommended wasMuscletech Leukicbecause it helped put my body into a pure musclebuilding state, making it far easier for me to make permanent muslce gains.
The Reward:
Since I started my lean muscle gain workouts and diet regimen there is a noticeable change in my body. I have gained a lot of muscle throughout my body and it's all thanks to GorillaJack.com. The supplements they have recommended really gave me a more overall aesthetic symmetry I'm really happy with. I now workout three times a week to keep the muscle that I have. I also do a decent amount of cardio just to keep from gain any extra-unwanted pounds.
GorillaJack tips Bernard used:
1) Six smaller meals in the day
2) A lot of fruits and vegetables
3) Eat lean meats
4) More protein in your diet is key to muscle gains
5) Proper use of supplements to help build strong muscle
6) When lifting weight proper technique is very important
7) Combine cardio and weights in your day to lose those inches faster
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