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I Owe It To Jack

Name:Barry Pacak (Phase 1)
Home:Winnipeg, Manitoba
Goal:Lose Weight/Change Lifestyle
Starting Weight:225 lbs
Ending Weight:180 lbs
Time to Reach Goal:14 Weeks

The Gain:
Coming from an eastern European family I grew up around a lot of great tasting food. The main differences between Poland and Canada, was the fact that there are no shortages to the amount of perogies, kielbasa, and cabbage rolls I was allowed. The older I got, the more stable my metabolism became, and with all those late night kielbasa runs I began to pack on the pounds. The next thing I knew I had ballooned to 225lbs by the time I was 17 years old.
The Change:
In my situation it wasn't a single moment in time where I realized I was over weight. It was a gradual realization that I was getting out of control. I would eat everything that was given to me, and more as a teenager; I even indulged in a liter of ice cream a day! I slowly realized I wasn't able to do the things I found easy before. I found soccer to be so difficult, and I would constantly cramp up, and be short of breath. I decided I needed to change things before it really got out of hand. I thought to myself, "e;If I don't stop this weight gain now who knows how big I will get"e;.
The Lifestyle:
I decided to do some research and figure out a plan on how to lose weight and gain muscle. I spent hours looking for information; luckily I found everything I needed on GorillaJack.com. I completely changed my diet from the fatty kielbasa, perogies, and cabbage rolls, to 6 smaller meals a day made up of fruits, vegetables, whole grains and lean meats. This diet along with supplements from GorillaJack.com, helped catapult me to a leaner look. I really owe a lot to GorillaJack.com because without their supplements and advice I don't think I would have been able to achieve my goals.
The Supplements and Nutrition:
I thought about it and decided I needed all the help I can get, so I started take supplements, with proper nutrition for a one-two weight loss punch. I was young and didn't have a lot of knowledge when it came to supplements but that's where GorillaJack.com helped me tremendously. They recommended a very basic stack of100% Whey Protein Gold Standard chocolate, andSAN Blaze, which is a fat burner. I tried100% Whey Protein Gold Standard chocolatebecause it would satisfy my nutritional needs but realized at the same time it tasted so great. Usually if you try a protein powder its either chalky or flavorless but this one was amazing. I combined the protein powder withSAN Blaze, which ignited my slow metabolism and caused me to loss weight faster. The combination that GorillaJack.com recommended work so well that I went from a hefty 225lbs to a lean 180 lbs in just a couple of months!!!
The Reward:
Today I live a very active lifestyle going to the gym five days a week, playing soccer, and participating in Polish folklore dancing. The key to keep the weight off is proper diet, supplementation, and to always keep moving.
The Next Step:
Looking at the picture you may say that this guy is way too skinny. I agree. Since the picture was taken I have used GorillaJack's advice to change my focus to gaining muscle and toning up. Wait until you see what GorillaJack has helped me achieve.
GorillaJack tips Bernard used:
1) Six smaller meals in the day
2) A lot of fruits and vegetables
3) Eat lean meats
4) Proper use of supplements to help lose weight
5) Always try to do something physical active in your day
6) Combine cardio and weights in your day to lose those inches faster