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I Owe It To Jack
GorillaJack.com is looking for you!We are looking for people that have received amazing results with advice and supplements from GorillaJack.com!
Are you one of those people that have spent countless hours dedicated to reaching your fitness goal? Now that you have reached your fitness potential do you want to tell the world of your accomplishments? Well GorillaJack.com wants to tell your success story, how you went from flab to abs of steel using GorillaJack.com.
It doesn't matter what fitness goal you have hit, whether it was gaining muscle, getting lean, or weight loss we want to hear your story! Send in your stories of hard work and dedication, we read them all. We ask anyone that has used GorillaJack.com towards helping them pound the pavement, pump iron, grow mass, gain strength, or just sculpt their body, to step forward! Let us know who you are, get the recognition you deserve and show the world your potential with GorillaJack.com. Let us help you tell everyone "e;I reached my goal, I got this body, I look amazing."e; If anyone asks why or how you tell them "e;I OWE IT TO JACK!!!"e;
Success Stories:
Name:Barry Pacak (Phase 1)
Goal:Lose Weight/Change Lifestyle
Starting Weight:225 lbs
Ending Weight:180 lbs
Time to Reach Goal:14 Weeks

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Name:Barry Pacak (Phase 2)
Goal:Gain Lean Muscle
Starting Weight:180 lbs
Ending Weight:235 lbs
Time to Reach Goal:6 Months

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How To Tell Us Your Story
Take three "e;before"e; pictures:one from the front, one from the back, and one showing your favorite pose. Please make sure that your "e;before"e; pictures were taken within two weeks of your start date.
Take three "e;after"e; pictures:front, back and favorite pose. Please make sure that your "e;after"e; pictures were taken within two weeks of your end date.
Print two sets for GorillaJack.com:one set to be sent in at the start of your transformation and one upon completion. Don't forget to include a newspaper in the photos - this will give the world proof that you hit your target in record time!
Type or neatly handwrite your essay outlining motivation, typical daily meal plan and weekly exercise routine during your transformation.
Return the complete package to:
1665 Main St.
Winnipeg, MB, Canada
R2V 1Z1
You can also send your completed package to us by email atinfo@gorillajack.com.
Helpful Hints:
The essay can be between 50-500 words. Some of the things you can discuss are the struggles you had throughout this journey, the importance of achieving goals, and the benefits of looking and feeling better. Remember, this essay tells us about your ability to be a spokesperson for the company.