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Iron Will Ada and Samantha Hofer

Iron Will Award Candidate:

Ada and Samantha Hofer

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Ada and Samantha Hofer:

Behind every gorgeous smile is a story of pain. I am stronger and braver than you think . I was faced with becoming a teen mom and age 15 ! The best miracle in my life. The best part of me my motivation everyday to be better , grow and make good decisions. Together we stand today side by side for the very first time competing against each other at mabba. We cooked , trained , dieted and practiced Possing all together. 24/7 Stronger by each other's side. Building a unbreakable bond and a once in a life time memory.

My True success story is Supporting my kids alone I Was determined to be successful. Before I turned 25 I became a salon business and home owner. I worked hard knowing everything I do is always for my kids. She is also a first time home owner at remarkable young age of 18 that also decided to rent out her own home becoming a landlord she just became a red seal hair stylist licence . Together we work at my salon. She takles 3 jobs and makes time to lift weights. As a single mom I walked away and over came the pain from domestic violence , control, abuse and rape. I had to fight to learn to love myself due to my past!

I'm motivated in this industry together my daughter and I would love to motivate and reach out to help teach woman that fitness cures depression it is crucial to teach yourself love ,respect , discipline! It is so very important to find your own happiness ! Samantha hofer and Adrienne hofer. Bikini tall. Against the odds a teen mom success story. With a Amazing daughter that's has so many big dreams. We are a goal crushing go getting mother daughter team. Best friends best part of each other . A Endless love appreciation, admire and respect for each other ! My will is always from my kids. To show them anything is possible. If you put in the work and time. Never give up keep trying. Every problem has a solution. Getting up when you fail to try again makes you a winner.

Ada could have quit training many times! She overcame her life crisis when she lost 2 jobs out of 3 she had to pay her bills a 19 yeAr old with her very own mortgage her tenants always causing Drama and Stress! The salon she worked at in Winnipeg was robbed they stole all her hair styling tools. She was not refunded for. She crashed her suv into a deer ! Wrote it off. She had no vehicle for a month she took $30 cabs to the gym! She had alot of challenges. During her prep. Theses photos are before and after.

Ada and samantha hofer.


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