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Iron Will Award Candidate:

Angela Spak

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Angela Spak:

As a young woman I grew up always struggling with my weight. Despite being able to lose and gain back the same ten or fifteen pounds I had resigned myself to live with my weight and try and simply accept myself the way I was. I ended high school at almost 200lbs and with zero sense of self-worth.

It was in August of 2015, after a broken engagement and a struggle with depression over most of the year that I realized that I did not have to be happy with the way I was, and set out to become someone I could be proud of… without settling.

A healthier lifestyle became the foundation of rebuilding my life from the ground up. Yes, I was losing some weight, but I had taken control. And I think that what I am more proud of than anything in this is that I decided to do this on my own. Putting my laundry away one Sunday morning in November I ended up pulling out my size 12 wedding dress and it kind of hit me. Just because I had a dress didn’t mean I was getting married. Just because I was surrounded by the means to live an unhealthy and un-fulfilling lifestyle didn’t mean I had to. It was time to show the world that Angie was back. Right there, wedding dress in hand, I decided I wanted to take this journey to the next level. I wanted to compete.

The support was both instant and unconditional. Even at the beginning, fumbling through workouts I had never imagined I’d be able to survive there always seemed to be someone at Shapes or Goodlife to cheer me on.

When I was ready to give up after a string of bad luck which included a car accident, bursting blood vessels in both of my eyes and a first degree burn, it was their belief in me that kept me going.

I will never be able to sufficiently express my gratitude for the people who stuck be me throughout this... rides to the gym when I was hurting, spotters, kind words, guidance, sometimes I just needed someone to listen even! I can only promise it has not gone unnoticed or unappreciated.

I thought because of my marital and living situation that I would endure this alone, and I couldn’t have been more wrong. This journey has introduced me to some of the most vibrant, caring, and strongest people I have ever met.

As it turns out when I set out to build a body, I built so much more. Deciding to compete it turns out was the easiest part of this process, but in losing the weight, I found a family.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for your consideration.



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