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Iron Will Cassie Watson

Iron Will Award Candidate:

Cassie Watson

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Cassie Watson's Submission:

Getting started was the hardest decision of my life. The beginning of 2013 I weighed in at 240lbs and 47% Body Fat. I had hit rock bottom and it was time to turn my life around. I struggled with a diagnosis of severe clinical depression; it had taken over my life. This mental illness dictated the way in which I related to everyone around me. It had the most effect on my family, friends and my work environment. I found myself withdrawing world, and wanting to be completely alone.

Hitting an all time low at the age of 17 and my confidence being at -1000, I decided it wasn’t important for me to even be on this earth. With help from my mom; my best friend, I rose up and changed my whole world around. I needed to gain my confidence back somehow.

In 2012, I joined Goodlife Fitness and started working out. I was that girl in the gym you’d call a “cardio bunny”. I didn’t want to lift weights and look like a man. So I stuck to my treadmill. My eating habits were still terrible so I was not getting the results that I had wanted. I got discouraged and gave up.

I moved here to Winnipeg at the beginning of 2013 and started a new fresh, active, and stable life. I joined Goodlife Fitness here in the city and here began my journey to where I am standing today. I was determined to lose the weight that had been piled on from the stressful and depressed state I was in for 3 years. There were many ups and downs to this new lifestyle. There were many food cravings that I did not give into, and friends that I had left behind; just to achieve this goal.

I attended MABBA Novice in 2013, and this lit up a spark in my heart that I have never felt before. I wanted to be one of those Figure girls that pranced around on the stage. I wanted to show off my upcoming body that I had worked so hard for, and I made the decision, right then and there that I would be competing in MABBA Novice 2014. I dedicated all my extra time in the gym training and meal prepping, not giving into anything that would make me waver from this goal.

After hitting the 80lbs loss mark, I knew this was a lifestyle I wanted to continue with for the rest of my life. Not just to prep for a competition, but to make this an everyday commitment to myself and my body.

I will be forever grateful to myself for making this long lasting decision and commitment. I can’t wait to see how my future in the fitness industry turns out.

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