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Iron Will Award Candidate:

Chantelle Enns

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Chantelle Enns's Submission:

My name is Chantelle Enns, and this is my Iron Will story………so far.

If I were to make a dictionary, and the word "procrastinate" with all of its relative versions came across the page, I would place a photo of myself beside the definition. (should it be a picture book dictionary of course) Now I know you're reading that first bit thinking "What kind of an opening line to an Iron Will award is THAT?" Well it's the perfect opener when trying to explain why it is you are even reading my entry. For that is how I define myself regardless of how far I've come in 2 years of serious training simply because my procrastinating nature will always be with me and it is something I have to fight on a daily basis. In fact it's been 5 years total since I dove into the bodybuilding lifestyle, it just took me an extra 3 years to find a reason to keep going.

When I finally made the decision to start training for the 2011 MABBA Novice Championships it was July 2010. For most people already in the sport that is an extreme amount of time to prep but I knew I was in for a long and bumpy road, a Winnipeg pothole season kind of road. You see, I have a special talent for making an excuse for not doing something AND making myself believe it to be the right thing to do. What I didn't realize is the person I would end up being after it was all said and done and how it would affect my everyday life, including the procrastinating ways I still carry with me.

I didn't place in my category last year, in fact I was 13th out of 14 girls but that wasn't the point of me stepping on that stage. The point was to test myself, to see if I would forever listen to the little voices in my head that would tell me to keep hitting snooze so I didn't get up for 5am cardio. Or the ones that kept telling me having that piece of cake for a co-worker's birthday celebration won't matter this week. But do you know what I discovered through the panic attacks and the sweat and the calluses?

The moment you believe in yourself is the moment anything is possible.

So this is the story, so far, of my iron will. How does it end? Well it hasn't yet and it probably won't for a long, long time. For now I live every day pursuing a healthier and fit self while battling those procrastinating tendencies. I know that this is something that will never go away no matter how hard I will it to, however deciding to go through it all again for the 2012 season proves to me that I am in control of my path, my health, my goals, my life.

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