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2013 Iron Will Award Winner:

Christine Frig

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Christine Frig's Submission:

My name is Christine Frig and my journey to the MABBA stage started in May of 2010. My weight was at an all-time high; at over 200 pounds and 40% body fat, weight was affecting my health. I was short of breath, had back pain, and numerous illnesses. I had also just broken my ankle, which only made me pack on the pounds. Simple actions like walking across my campus became grueling. It got to the point where I refused to weigh myself for fear of what that weight meant. Then I saw my future laying before me in a hospital bed, when my dad became ill.

I could no longer hide from the facts. I knew that if I did not change I would suffer heart disease, diabetes, and loose mobility in my old age. So I took the first and hardest step, and dragged me and my also over-weight partner James into the gym.

I purchased 6 training sessions with Taylor and Kim and that helped me drop 10-15 pounds. But soon after the training ended I plateaued from my initial success and I became self-defeating, very depressed and I almost quit. I really thought there was no hope, and I would continue to watch my health deteriorate.

At my lowest point, James was doing some research into bodybuilding and nutrition. We saw the transformations people had made and decided to give it a shot. My progress was slow but steady and I worked tirelessly to reach my goal to a healthier self.

Over the last 3 years bodybuilding has shaped not only my body, but also my mind, giving me the courage to endure a very difficult time in my life. I was recently diagnosed with a tumor on my pituitary. The tumor is non-cancerous but causes an imbalance in hormone levels that drastically affects mood, and can cause depression as well as numerous other physical symptoms. It is treated with regular medication that shrinks the size of the growth, but comes with extreme fatigue. Gym and exercise became my way to combat the fatigue, recharge and focus.

Bodybuilding has become my way of life; it helped me overcome body image issues, made me healthier emotionally, gave me self-confidence, and the courage to face numerous personal setbacks. I watched the health of a parent fall apart. My father suffered several heart attacks, undergone a heart by-pass and many major surgeries. I had to get my health back, and l knew that I needed to see that goal through no matter what life threw in the way.

In total I have lost about 70 pounds of fat, 30% of my body fat. What I gained is a mind and body that is healthy. Many days it was hard to make the time to work, gym, and to cook my meals. There were hard days filled with frustrations, injuries, early mornings, traffic jams, eating on the go, but no matter how bumpy the ride was I never quit.

It’s true what they say; it’s not about the destination but the journey and the people you meet along the way. The amazing people who I’ve learned from and have supported me every step of the way and the people I’ve inspired to also live a healthier life. I want to make a positive impact on people, encouraging them to pursue a better and healthier self. That is why I do it. I am proud to share the stage with my competitors today, some of whom I helped to inspire. I didn’t do it for vanity (although nice) it was about getting healthy, and showing others they could take control. Taking control of your life is possible. You just need, iron, muscles and a lot of will.

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