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Iron Will David Cryderman

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David Cryderman

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David Cryderman's Submission:

I would like to nominate my Husband David Cryderman for the 2014 Gorilla Jacks Iron Will Award.

David is our Campion. He started his journey in April 2013 when he came home to tell me that he gotten himself a trainer, His name was Grant. My very first question to him was “are you competing?” he told me “No, I want to see what I can do...”

Over the next few months I watched David. I watched him learn his meal plans with Grant, the workout schedule and how he could make a piece of chicken or fish taste that good.

David’s commitment to his family has always been a high priority. When David first started working on his goals with Grant, David took great strides to ensure that even though his meals would change we would still have dinner together as a family. David made sure that the gym would not affect his home and work life, even if that meant waking up at 3:30 AM to go to the gym and then to work. David’s three girls’ soon realized that this was becoming hard on him and we had to let him go “to see what he can do”.

David’s commitment to his friends and to his G-Fit team members has always been very important to him. When his team members needed encouragement, he pushed them. When they asked for his advice he gave it with openness and honesty. When Grant spoke David listened and followed his directions closely.

David’s determination to “see what he can do” began when he announced at Christmas that he was going to compete.

David made sure he attended every appointment, posing class and even asked for special permission to take his Wife out on a very special night. “Happy wife, Happy life” right Grant?

David has sacrificed his family, his body, and some days his mind to “see what he can do” and we are all in awe of his accomplishments. David’s focus has never wavered and he has never second guessed himself. David’s determination and willpower have created a man who has gained 12 pounds of muscle, lost 47 pounds in less than one year and, with the last 20 pounds in 2 ½ months. A man who is proud of himself, that went out and did it and didn’t care what anybody thought. He was never afraid. Tatum, Romie and I have never been prouder of David. David has shown his three girls that you can do or be anything you want to be.

You just have to see…

Love Naren, Tatum and Romie

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