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Iron Will Award Candidate:

David Shannon

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David Shannon's Submission:

I remember being In middle school like it was yesterday, I was skinny with long hair and had my group of friends who I would skateboard with. When high school came along I found myself drifting away from the skater kids, I felt like a complete loser with them. I think it was the fact that them doing drugs everyday and skipping class where I felt like it wasn’t for me.

In grade nine I signed up for a weight lifting course where I met my first trainer Cole Summers. I went to class for the first time and I seen a guy named Martin doing deadlifts in the corner of the room and I knew right away I wanted to eventually be in his shoes. I would go to class and listen to Cole’s stories about him traveling the world learning different exercises with kettle bells. I started slowly learning how to properly use a kettle bell. I had to use my whole body to move this piece of iron. Most people in the weight room would walk in do a few sets of bench, curls and leave. Believe it or not I would sometimes be called weird for using kettle bells, but I knew I would benefit more from doing full body movements. Being weird was almost like a compliment to me, I didn’t want to be average, I wanted to be different. I finished the course and I decided I wanted to sign up to be apart of the weight room club.

Instead of being with my friends sitting in the cafeteria I would go there during my lunch hours and learn different exercises. From time to time I would use the bench press and there Cole was yelling at me to come work on a different form of a chin up or focus on deadlifts. I was amazed on how much time he focused on me to improve.

When grade twelve came along I remember being in the gym and doing deadlifts, a group of grade niners came in for their first weight lifting class that I once was apart of. That exact moment clicked right away with me and I was in shock that I once was sitting in that class looking at Martin doing those deadlifts. Cole pointed out to the group of kids on how far I’ve gone since that first class and I knew I inspired atleast one person to be apart of the weight lifting club.

During the summers I would join the wellness center to work out with some friends. The summer after graduation I met someone at the gym. He was weird. A kind of weird I was called out for. He would wear all black with a black hoodie. All my friends would call him the “Dark Vador” which was actually pretty funny. He introduced himself to me one day as Brett Wilson. From time to time he would correct me on my form and I’d like to say we became good friends at the gym. I eventually switched over to shapes and so did Brett. In mid November 2012 I decided that I wanted to compete at MABBA in the physique category. I figured I’d ask Brett for his advice on dieting and training and he was glad to help.

Just recently I went to Garden City High School and noticed they renovated the weight room. They painted the walls and added new machines. I looked at the writing on one of the walls and it said “Exercise is the drug of choice” and I thought to myself, yeah it was my choice. March 23rd 2013 I will celebrate my journey on how challenging, yet rewarding the road was, it will be a huge experience and a memorable moment in my life.

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