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Iron Will Devin Penner

Iron Will Award Candidate:

Devin Penner

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Devin Penner:

My name is Devin Penner and here is my story of the journey to the Mabba novice stage. My journey started 8 years ago. Young and started a little construction business. Started going to the local gym and fell in love with lifting. Had no set goals but enjoyed being there daily. I had started to put on some weight and strength and was excited.

Then one Saturday out with friends I had a car fall on my left leg with it in a sitting position. The force ended up breaking and dislocating my foot in many different places. This turned into weeks on bed rest and surgery with pins and screws. During the next 5 months off I fell into deep depression. Gained from 180 to 230 lbs and lost all purpose in life. Business fell apart and I was at rock bottom on the borderline of bankruptcy. So one day I came home and was crying on the floor. Got up looked at my wife and said I have to get back in the gym and find happiness. Either that or anti depressants. So I took the gym route, Started going regularly and dropped down to 190 lbs. Came out of the depression and was starting to do well all around. 4 years went by and had put on a decent amount of strength.

Then in February of 2010 I fell 18 feet off a 2nd story house onto my head and hands. Ended up compressing left arm and broke it. Turned into another surgery and another 4 months off work. Had a plate put in and 6 screws. But more determined I healed up and started right back in gym. Started doing strongman out of mcdoles gym and loved it. Competed 3 years and did good for my size. Then in typical fashion in September 2013 I blew left shoulder on bench press. Turned out after 4 months of physiotherapy I had a second opinion and found my ac joint compressed and bones are touching and grinding away. Surgery again. It was booked for February of 2014. Got even more depressed again and gained to 260 lbs.

Then decided to hook up with Darren Mehling of Freak Fitness and commit to mabba novice 2015 even with knowing there could be surgery half way. It was a year and a half commitment and with having adhd that is a long time for me. I Had most of my friends tell me I couldn't make the stage. Id never be able to diet. Its to much mentally. Well I've made it and fell in love with this sport. This show is just the beginning. With his help I have lost 72 lbs and am lifting fully with no pain. Never went for the surgery and I have put the depression behind me and have more confidence than ever. Standing on that stage march 28 will be my reward!


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