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Ginte Slate:

Nominating myself for an award is not something I thought I would ever be doing, but I guess that goes for everything in the past 22 weeks. My name is Jeannette Slate, but I go by Ginte. My Fitness journey started just over a year ago. I started dieting and training, obviously not to the extent of a prep but I managed to lose 30 pounds from January 2016- August 2016 (for someone who’s 5 feet on a good day, it felt like 60). I was happier in my new skin, but I wasn’t that much healthier. Ya sure I was watching what I put in my mouth but I was mentally a mess and I was partying non-stop. I used to make fun of people who would compete, I thought anyone who could be that self-obsessed is ridiculous. I’ve now learnt that self- obsessed isn’t the same thing as self-aware. Being self-aware sometimes means being selfish, which is unfair and painful at times, but is also extremely realistic, motivating, and rewarding.

For me, this prep has almost absolutely nothing to do with stepping on that stage in exactly16 days (but who’s counting). Competing and taking part in a prep was whole heartedly about the journey; who I was when I started and who I am now are two completely different people. Without this prep, I would be in an extremely dark place, I don’t like to think about it. Two years ago, (almost to the date of show) my mom was diagnosed with brain cancer. During this time in my life I was making terrible choices and living an extremely toxic lifestyle in terms of drugs, alcohol and relationships.

This past August my mom passed away, which made me the guardian of my 17-year-old sister. Mourning a parent is not easy. But you know what’s harder? Mourning yourself. I refused to let myself die because I was overcome with sadness and grief, and shortly after my mom’s passing, that clicked for me. I knew if I continued this excuse for a life I was living I wouldn’t be around for too much longer either. I changed. I cut off ties with any unhealthy relationship. I stopped drinking for prep, (mostly, I’m only human and red wine is good for the soul, right?) and I stopped using drugs. I replaced those things in my life with nourishing relationships, routine, healthy diet, and dedicated training. I enrolled in school and worked two jobs. Taking on everything at once was obviously hard, there were many times I questioned what I was doing. But sitting here now, almost at the end of my prep, hungry, tired, and happy. I can honestly say fitness saved my life (how cliché, I know). If you would have told me a year ago I’d be here, I would have called you crazy. Regardless of what happens in the next two and a half weeks, for the first time in my entire 23 years of being on this planet, I set a goal and accomplished it. I love you mom; it was all for you.


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