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Iron Will Jacqueline Stratichuk

Iron Will Award Candidate:

Jacqueline Stratichuk

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Jacqueline Stratichuk:

"The Fat Girl" is a stigma which creates a lot of grief for many young women. All throughout school I was picked on because of my weight. This was a burden on my mind I had too easily accepted as an unchangeable reality. As each winter set in I could feel the climate affecting my mood. I was struggling with inexplicable body pain and gastrointestinal issues. Seasonal depression had exacerbated problems with my physical and emotional health. This led to becoming a packaday smoker, and it seemed there was no possibility for change. Even though I succumbed to the woes of depression I told myself I can't continue feeling like this. The winds of change began to blow.

I would look at pictures of female bodybuilders and dream of having the level of health and fitness they had. Even though it seemed to be an impossible goal, the dream wouldn't leave my mind. As if it were an unrelenting force that would never give in despite all the negativity placed upon it. The power of this dream ignited a spark of inspiration in me. If my mind could display such sheer determination to hold onto an idea, why couldn't I use this energy to change my body? This spark would ignite flames that changed my life.

With this newfound fire in my heart, it was time to blaze a new path. I was determined to find the right system to attain the body I've always desired. Over time I made progress, but it wasn't enough to get where I wanted to be. One year ago I decided to make my thirties the prime of my life, and get my body to stage quality. So I joined the gym at Elite Performance and things really turned a corner for me. They saw my potential, and opened a path. My inner warrior was unleashed, and my work began.

Working seven days a week making ends meet, on top of a rigorous fitness regime twice a day was no picnic. Many times I felt the pressure mounting to a breaking point. But I struggled on, keeping a positive mind set. I was once a 265lb girl wearing plus size 22 pants. In this state I couldn't run for two minutes. Now I run six miles prior to my workout. Personal records are broken on a regular basis, which drives me to be even better. I literally worked my ass off, and I've achieved a lifelong goal. I believe that anyone can change their life, here is the recipe. The first major ingredient is positive thinking. Dreading the work you must do to earn your prize will only slow you down. There is no magic pill and no quick solution. Pure will, determination, and lots of hard work are the keys to success. Become that unrelenting force to earn your rewards.

In the famous words of Ghandi "Be the change you wish to see." If I can do it, anyone can!

...this is my story!!!

Jacqueline Stratichuk


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