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Iron Will Award Candidate:

Kandyce Vogel

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Kandyce Vogel's Submission:

Nominated by: Tammy Vogel (mother)

The "Iron Will" of Kandyce Vogel

If you knew Kandyce you would realize "Iron Will" is a fitting statement to describe her. Something she definitely has a lot of!

A girl of few words... until you get her started regarding her passion…fitness, nutrition and all around good health…at least NOW anyway!

Kandyce…a typical teenager, always busy- take out food and loving this thing called "cheese" (who doesn't). Being self-conscious about her body image held her back from doing some things teens like to do. Especially anything that included bathing suits!

Kandyce grew into herself finding something she was passionate about…Massage Therapy. Those 2 years of education was like watching a flower blossom. She loved what she was learning. Talking incessantly about health, bodies, muscles…she knew her stuff. I was proud and happy…my girl was on her way into grown up life with a great start!

Kandyce's new life… an RMT working with bodies and health. Talk of continuing into sports therapy or kinesiology equalled more interested in fitness. She decided to apply for the Police Force… a sign of things to come.

Dedicated to her new goal, she worked hard to get as fit as possible and into awesome shape…ready to take the physical abilities test! She did it and passed first try! Who could ask for more, or so I thought…until she found where she really belongs!

From that point on, Kandyce was immersed in fitness. Her work ethic became serious. Taking it to the next level…hired a trainer. Then big changes happened not only physically but in all aspects of life. It was life changing and Kandyce's "Iron Will" grew stronger. She was happy. It was training, nutrition, meal plans and working out. No time for anything else. As hard as it was, no matter how people interrogated her about her choices or constantly told her what to eat…she never gave in or gave up!

When Kandyce sets her mind to something, she isn't a "little" into it…it's all out crazy! She eats, dreams, sleeps, walks, talks the passion…get the idea? It is all or nothing with this girl!

Training (gym 5 am), cooking, planning, shopping, early to bed and rise, working full-time & fitting real life in too…she does it all! Her results show how her dedication, commitment & and "Iron Will" have paid off. Training began August 2011 and now 30 pounds lighter is ready for her first MABBA Novice Championship, March, 2012!

To accomplish all this she stepped out of her comfort zone to transform herself. It was enough work to training, make lifestyle and nutrition changes (did I mention she was vegan before all of this), but to compete in the bikini category meant "put on the suit" and strut your stuff! That was always off limits for her…and she is doing that too!

"Iron Will" is what brought her this far and what will take her places in her future. She has come a long way from that shy, chubby young lady. I am so proud of you. XOXO

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