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Iron Will Katie Cook

Iron Will Award Candidate:

Katie Cook

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Katie Cook:

Growing up I was always active. I played hockey, soccer, ran half-marathons as well as some strength training. It wasn’t until after my high school graduation things started changing for me. After turning 18, I started going out on weekends, I quit going to the gym and eating whatever looked good. That fall I moved to the city where I lived in residence for one year. My food choices were limited in the cafeteria and the partying was unlimited. The next year I moved out of residence but my lifestyle continued on the same road and before I knew it I gained over 25 pounds. I lost my confidence and found myself feeling intimidated in the weight room. Although I never quit working out and going to the gym, my workouts had become passive workouts, I wasn’t pushing myself and I was simply just going through the motions. I’d spend a week or so eating clean but then binge on the weekend. I don’t want to say I was depressed but I was feeling very lost, with a low self-esteem and very unhealthy mindset.

Upon graduating from high school, I weighed around 130-135 and in my first year in the city my weight crawled up to 155, the scale shocked me when it read 165 in January 2014 and I knew I had to make some changes.

I started to put my mind into my workouts and found a gym with a women’s section where I felt more comfortable. Female bodybuilders starting appearing on my instagram newsfeed and I was introduced to a whole new world. Up until that point I had no idea there was such a thing as the bikini class in bodybuilder competitions! The more pictures of women competing I seen on my newsfeed, the more motivated and inspired I found myself. While other girls were out late partying I was staying in and searching bikini competitor’s success stories looking into what steps they had taken to get up on stage and what they went through in order to meet their goals.

My weight loss journey did not start off steady. This journey has been just as much of a psychological challenge as a physical one. My weight went up and down for a few months, I’d find and loose my confidence and had trouble getting started. I worked with a couple different trainers but I couldn’t seem to find a right fit. I had made progress, as I was back down to 155 but there was so much more that I wanted to accomplish. It wasn’t until meeting with Team G-Fit in September of 2014 that my fitness journey hit the fast track. I told Grant of my bikini competition dreams and he coached me in reaching all of them in training for MABBA. Since November, I have had 2 (allowed) cheat meals from my cutting plan. Today I weighed in at 124 and my confidence continues to grow as we approach show day. I have never challenged myself to so much but as a result have never felt so accomplished in meeting my goals and I can’t wait to hit the stage with my new confidence!


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