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Iron Will Award Candidate:

Kirsten Johnson

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Kirsten Johnson's Submission:

Hi my name is Kirsten Johnson, I am 22yrs old, 5’8, and currently in the best condition I have ever been at a weight of 172lbs. That number used to scare me, but I have learned that the scale is just a number. After many years struggling with low self esteem and fad diets I have learnt that having the body you want is not earned overnight!

In grade 6 I weighed 145lbs when most kids were 90-105lbs. I was a ‘chunky monkey’, and I was reminded every day of how fat I was. Kids called me ‘fat ass’ or ‘chubby cheeks’ every day I walked into class. I was always active, I played soccer, basketball, I swam every week… but I was still fat. So at the age of 12 I was using diet pills and I began having some unhealthy eating behaviours. I ate only 2 salads a day and worked out excessively; my teachers and mother were concerned. I lost 25lbs and all a sudden the kids that bullied me now were complimenting me.

I maintained roughly 140-160lbs throughout high-school, and joined a gym the second I was of age! After I turned 18 I started drinking and eating a lot of fast food. I gained 20 lbs. I didn’t notice until I saw a very unflattering picture of myself on Facebook. That was it! I knew I had to take control. I was no muscle and 195lbs of fat. I knew I had to stop partying and drinking. I stopped drinking, and noticed major differences in my weight and overall physique.

I was also very inspired by my own sister, she as well was bullied and at 5’4 weighed 180lbs growing up, and she is now 125lbs! She did it healthy! She lost the weight over a course of 4 years! And she has never looked better!

I had always exercised for 3 hr periods and wondered why I didn’t have a body like those girls in fitness magazines! Apparently no matter how much you work out it’s all about the diet! I started eating ‘clean’ and had a major turning point when I met Kerry my boyfriend. He introduced me to split workouts and taught me everything I know!

I have come far, after being bullied all my years growing up, now those kids are asking me how to get in shape! It feels good, but with that said I believe the worst thing any kid can experience is bullying. It really does ruin lives.

I was my heaviest at 195lbs; I got down to 160lbs two and a half years ago for my sister’s wedding in Mexico. I did two hours of cardio every day and had some sort of a shake for majority of my meals. Then I began weight training with Kerry, and have put on near 15lbs of muscle within two and a half years and never felt better, even though I weigh more than 150lbs.

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