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Iron Will Award Candidate:

Les Taylor

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Les Taylor's Submission:

Well my body building lifestyle was decided and laid out for me in June of 2012 as I lay in the Emergency room in the Grace Hospital for a week. I had been playing in a basketball tournament, had gone up for a rebound and as I landed a heard and felt a loud pop which wasn't right at all. I suddenly felt the most unimaginable pain I have ever experienced as if someone had just gutted my spine. After multiple ambulance rides between HSC and the Grace it was determined that I had herniated 3 discs in my back and torn one of them. The doctors gave me a talk regarding a long list of things that I would never be able to do again, of course with my stubborn attitude they were just paving the road for my journey back to build myself bigger and stronger than before.

I had a taken in my first body building competitions that spring, being MABBA Provincials and the World Qualifiers. I was in awe and shocked that we had a body building community and that it was so strong. I had grown up idolizing Arnold, Dorian Yates and Flex Wheeler yet thinking I could never become a body builder myself, but my injury changed all thoughts of that.

After some intense physio therapy just to walk normally again by late October I had it set in my mind that I would compete in March regardless of what everyone told me. I had about 3 solid months of hard training between having to rest several times due to my injury. When the show day came my discs still weren't healed properly so I spent most of the time laying down in the basement at Pantages just so I could hold myself together on stage for the 30 minutes of posing. I had made it to Novice 2013 and realized a childhood dream of being on the body building stage where as less than 8 months previous I was 25 lbs lighter (155 lbs) laying in a hospital bed unable to walk.

I allowed myself to rest for 4 months after the show to have my discs finally settle in place and have been training hard since increasing my weight another 20 lbs. It is now 18 months later, I am 45 lbs heavier, training hard, learning to live healthier every day and looking forward to Novice 2014 (Provincial Qualifiers) I feel being chosen for an Iron Will award would be my journey coming full circle and it would mean more to me than any other trophy I could possibly win as my life has been about having an Iron Will in all faucets, not just in the gym. Fitness has become such a huge fixture in my life that I am now working towards becoming a personal trainer to help inspire others to live happier/healthier lives. I am Les Taylor and I love fitness.

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