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Iron Will Maricar Manalang & Kenneth Faderon

Iron Will Award Candidates:

Maricar Manalang & Kenneth Faderon

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Maricar Manalang & Kenneth Faderon's Submission:

The story of our couple fitness journey started a year ago when we had our second baby. Every time we looked at our kids we told ourselves that we wanted to see them growing up healthy and witness them having their own family. We both wanted to live HAPPIER, HEALTHIER and LONGER TOGETHER. We both know that these are only possible if we both commit TO CHANGE OUR LIFESTYLE. Then, we decided to post our story on Instagram to get inspired and to inspire other people, as well. At first, everything was so hard and impossible. From eating out to prepping the meals, from sitting on the couch to doing cardio, from partying to training were beyond our expectations.

How did we start? We have no time but we make time to train our body. We have no knowledge about training so we research to learn about it. We don’t have any idea to start so we looked for a coach to guide us.

The first couple of months of training were not perfect. As a newbie, I couldn’t even do pull ups, push ups, sit ups, squats, jumping rope, lifting weights or even following the P90 challenge while my hubby hated cardio, going to the gym and eating salad and green veggies. Meal prep almost took a day. So, we helped and pushed each other so we could continue our fitness journey. Along our journey, we both encountered the pains, burns, critics and tears. These weaknesses become our motivation to keep us going.

We did not stop. Our progress photos inspired us to continue and push harder. Now, I don’t fear doing pull up, push ups and squats. I can lift heavier weight without any fear to hit the failure. My hubby loves fasted cardio and green veggies and salad are his all time favourite meal. His day won’t be completed without going to the gym to train his body and mind. Meal prep for the week becomes more enjoyable as we do it together.

We have never thought that our fitness challenge will go to the next level of competing. I did my first bikini show at Fitness Star in 2013. It was a great experience but the feedback was not as good as I expected. I almost gave up and felt that all my hard work was turned down. But my hubby had lifted me up and reminded me why we have started this journey.

We are now both enjoying the training, meal prep, cheat meals, eating 6-7 meals even inside the car. Now, our fitness battle becomes a challenge, until the challenge becomes our habits and the journey becomes our lifestyle. We are both stepping on stage for MABBA Provincial Qualifier that we consider as one of our priceless treasures to give to our kids. Also, we continuously influence our family and friends to take the fitness challenge until it becomes their healthy lifestyle.

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