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Oxford Cayabyab

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Oxford Cayabyab:

Hi I am Oxford Cayabyab, competing for the physique category. It was September 2013 when I came here in Canada, By the time I leave my home country I thought It was the end of my passion going in the gym. Cause I have to focus first on finding a job and upgrading my education. After a couple of weeks I found a job and from that I thought that I have to upgrade my education too so I did. After a month I found myself looking in the mirror and feeling unhappy on how my body looks like I lost 15 pounds of lean muscle and I’m getting fat and losing strength. Darn I have to do something I told to myself so what I did is do some body weight exercises like push up, cruches, sit ups, and dips using to chairs. I really wanted to go in a gym and have a membership unfortunately the money that im earning is just enough to pay my bills and it is just enough to buy my food and pay my bills so, I did just stick to body Weight exercises. After a couple of months I found a better job although its outside Winnipeg it pays a little bit higher on what I used to earn however, it’s too late when I realize that its killing my time cause I had to travel an hour going at work so what happened even the weighted exercise that I use to do in order to maintain my body figure has also been removed from my daily schedule. So what I did is I ask a friend if he could help me look for a job here in Winnipeg again. Thanks to GOD and to my friend cause now, I got a job here in Winnipeg then I am working in a job that pays a little bit higher than minimum wage wherein I can afford going in the gym and buying my supplements too. Despite of that there is still challenges I faces right now, like I’m waking up at as early as 5:30 am to eat my pre workout meal and hit the gym cause I had 2 jobs one 6 hrs. job and 4hrs part time job and by the time I’m out of my part time job the gym is close already and I still to cook my own food and get at least 6 hrs of sleep a night. I regularly go in the gym even its very cold outside and no matter what is the weather or temperature. Why I do this? Because, simply I love going in the gym and i don’t want to lose my good body figure. Right now, I’m in the best shape of my body and stronger than I was before. I thank my father and everyone who helped me I love being here in Winnipeg. I consider myself as a lucky cause I am in this country wherein lots of opportunity comes and the standard of living is better.


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