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Iron Will Palmina Thomson

Iron Will Award Candidate:

Palmina Thomson

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Palmina Thomson:

I have always been somewhat active throughout my life, even worked at a Fitness club for a few years. Competing was always something I had in the back of my mind for years. But my dream of competing always got put on back burner. With getting married (20 years), 4 children and I ran a Flooring Installation Company and Flooring Supply store in the US, here was no time. My husband at the time had no interest in bodybuilding. Plus every time I mentioned it , the response I got “ you want man muscles, you look fine the way you are”. I returned to Winnipeg on January 2012. April 2012 I separated from husband, who out of anger tried to keep my children from me. With all the stress of life thrown at me I found comfort in food and gained substantial amount of weight. Once I had my children back and I looked at myself , I said it was time to change. So the following year 2013, I went back to the gym. To lose some weight, deal with the stress divorce (messy one at that).

Then one day, I was at the gym and had my cell phone tucked into my shirt and this guy walks up to me and told me I shouldn't do that as it causes breast cancer. We began to chat and I told him that I was having a hard time losing any weight. I was trying everything and nothing was working, he gave me his girlfriend’s number who is a trainer, I called her the next day , we met . The journey began as just wanting to feel good about myself again. I was making great progress and then on November27, 2013 I had my boyfriend take me to emergency as I was having terrible pain. I thought it was my kidneys, because of my past history of Kidney stones. The Doctor on duty said I was constipated and gave me two enemas, nothing happened, they sent me home. The very next day less than 24 hours later Randy (my boyfriend) rushed me back to the hospital. That hospital rushed me to Saint B for CAT scan and found part of the problem it was my gull bladder. I had gull stones which caused my gull bladder to be inflamed. The gull stones an inflamed gull bladder. On top of that I had E.coli bacteria, fluid in my lungs, Kidney infection , two 8 mm kidney stones and Sepsis. I was transferred back to the original hospital, where I stayed in intensive care unit for week. The Urologist came in to speak with me while I was in ICU and stated “Palmina you are a very lucky girl, we would not be having this conversation if Randy didn’t bring you back to the hospital”. Doctor also told me once they had the infection under control, I would have to have surgery to get my gull bladder removed. Here I am thinking wait a minute the hospital you work for sent me home telling me I was constipated when clearly I was NOT.

My trainer came to see me in the hospital. After she left in my drugged and comatose state, I promised myself that if I got out of the hospital I would begin my Journey to prepare for 2015 Provincial Qualifier. Cross one of my dreams off the bucket list. When I arrived home just before Christmas, I decide once everyone went back to school and work I would return back to the gym start my journey training for Provincial Qualifier and await my surgery. I started off on the treadmill where literally I could barely go 1 mile an hour, but I was stubborn. I was not going to sit at home for 8 weeks that was not possible for me. At the end of February I had my gull bladder out and 5 days later I was back in the gym on the StairMaster.

Throughout my training and prep for competition, I have looked after my family of 7, worked fulltime as a Home Financing Advisor. Plus making it through my near death experience and still going through a divorce and what life throws my way. I will be stepping on stage at the 2015 Provincial Qualifier at the age of 46. (The day after the show is my birthday , what a way to celebrate!!) I have never been this excited in my life to show everyone what I have accomplished. I know now that I can do anything I set my mind to.


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