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Susan Cruz

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Susan Cruz:

November 9, 2010 was the day that I decided that I had to make some major changes in my life and lifestyle. It all started with aa annual exam. I was called back to the office a few days later, I walked into the office, Dr came in with my file. I will never forget the words, "Susan, I reviewed your results. You have been gaining 17 pounds a year, your blood pressure, cholesterol & sugar levels are high, diabetes runs in your family, I am worried that you might be borderline diabetic.” She looked at me, "Susan, I can't do this for you, you need to dig deep and WANT to change. Do you want to see your 2 little boys grow up? Do you want to one day attend their weddings?

None of us are exempted for the inevitable however; we can do things to prevent death and disability sometimes. If you continue down this path you might not see your 50th birthday.” My Dr pulled out a chart and charted my age and height, at my age of 30, 5'8 and 257 pounds, I was now considered "Morbidly Obese." morbidly obese, to me was those people who were confined to their beds and couldn't get out of the house, how can it be me? I thought of my boys, Marco 7 and Davio 4. "They need me, I need them, WHY did I do this!!??" I said, that's enough, I am either going to try or die trying.. I called in sick, walked into Weight Watchers and GoodLife and signed up!!! I got home and threw out everything in the pantry.

I was starting from scratch, My hubby found me sitting on the floor, my old pictures of a sexier me in my hands and he knew what was coming! My transformation journey was an intense process that required me to become regimented and dedicated. My family and friends were supportive. I remember my first day at the gym. I kept looking around and seeing all these fit people. I jumped on the treadmill, Wow was I outta shape. Week after week, month after month I worked out 3-4 days/week; I attended my meetings and slowly dropped weight. I finally got to 200 pounds. I started training with PT at Goodlife 3 days/ week. I kept stretching my goals. I was RT training, PT training, attending group classes & boot camps.4 years later, I was down to 145 pounds!

I thought hard about what I want to accomplish Workout after workout. Meal plan after meal plan I trained and hit the stage in 2014 as a Bikini competitor. It was Eurphoric. I placed 3rd in Novice & Provincials. It was such a high. I accomplished what seemed impossible and I wasn’t going to STOP THERE. I am getting ready to jump on stage again…7 days away only this time as a FIGURE competitor. With the help of Darren again, I have brought an even bigger and more chiselled pkg! I never would have thought I would do this. I am working harder than I ever worked in my life! My diet is so strict, There are days that I feel like I am going to die but I am one stubborn girl and I won’t give up, I won’t give up on myself or my friends, my family or my FREAK FAMILY.


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