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Iron Will Tamara Bousquet

Iron Will Award Candidate:

Tamara Bousquet

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Tamara Bousquet's Submission:

Hi My name is Tamara, and I am a Proud Mom Of 2 Beautiful Girls! Kiana is my 6 year old. And Jaylynn just turned 1! I am a chef. A taxi driver, A late night story teller, A teddy bear, And a clown putting on a circus act some days! After having Jaylynn my body, in my mind; i would never have a nice body again! It was my major insecurity. I would cry when I looked in the mirror, sexy and fit were never a possibility in my eyes!

After Jay was six weeks old I decided to hit the gym. Months passed. I lost a few inches but nothing extremely noticeable, in the summer time. I was the mom covered up on the beach, with not a whole lot showing. I wanted to cry every day because I felt my body was hideous. I was constantly picking up a big tub of two bite brownies! The last time I did I went and grabbed two containers. Then I looked at my beautiful girls and knew that they need a mom who's going to be disciplined, motivated, and never quit because they deserve a fit mom who not only will play endless hours outside with them, but to live a long healthy confident life! The gym wasn't helping me. My diet obviously needed help. I had a few motivating friends which I now call them my support team. They had me convinced I could not only feel but look fit and sexy too. They told me competing would be the perfect goal for me! At this point I was desperate. I needed a change. Nothing I was doing was working. My best friend Mel gave me a meal plan and training plan. It was official. I had a trainer.

Now I can't quit. In a matter of just a week on my new diet, I noticed a bit of difference. As I progressed I lost weight and slowly confidence was building, but then I stumbled across the most hideous part. Loose stomach skin! My insecurities were back at its strongest! I was scared when people seen that id have ugly comments hitting me besides the ones in my head! I fell off. And I fell off hard! Ate anything and everything so my stomach was so full I couldn't see it! My support team did everything to encourage me back on track. To keep pushing forward and it'll tighten up! I looked at my beautiful girls, my youngest in particular, she was at the stage of just beginning to take brave steps by herself, as I watched her take a few steps. Fall to the ground and got back up and tried taking a few more steps again, as if it was no big deal. I Smiled and started the next day fresh! If she can fall and get back up so can I! Well its two weeks left to show time and it’s been a very hard journey, I've fallen numerous of times. I've cried, but I've always picked up and pushed forward! I walked out of my bathroom the other day, naked and felt amazing! (My kids were asleep) haha.

I've never felt that way in a very long time. I'm feeling sexy. I'm a fit mom of two! I'm confident! I do however have some loose skin but I've had two major body changes to have them, they are my beauty marks! I’ve hit the biggest transformation of my life not only physically but my life style as well. I am happy to say I am comfortable and happy with my body! I feel stronger. And I've kicked those insecurities to the curb! When you see me on stage, you'll see me shinning, that's my day to show off that if you work for it, anything is possible! I work full time, full time mom, I made time, I made it work, If I can do it, so can you!

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