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Iron Will Tanya Readman

Iron Will Award Candidate:

Tanya Readman

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Tanya Readman:

Why I am best deserving of the Iron Will Award

My name is Tanya Readman. I am a very busy wife and mother of three wonderful children.

My youngest son is hearing impaired with developmental delays. I also work full time as an Educational Assistant in the school system. My husband works away from home from 21 to 60 days at a time, which leaves little time for me.

In 2010 I weighed 269 lbs. I was not always heavy. I was very active in sports, gymnastics, hockey and softball. I was 123 lbs. on my wedding day in 1991.

When I moved to Winnipeg in 2001 I was 116 lbs. but lost my support network of family and friends in the Maritimes. I was recovering from tragedy in my life. My mom, and biggest supporter, passed suddenly in 1998 at the age of 51. Then in 2008 I lost my brother, 36, to an epileptic seizure. Shortly after that my youngest son had a tumor that ate away all the mechanics in his ear. This took away his hearing, compromised his ability to speak and affected his cognitive development.

With all this stress, I turned to food for comfort and put on a lot of weight.

However, in 2010, when I tipped the scales at 269 lbs., I decided to change and to find myself again. I changed the way I live my life with exercise and diet.

Last summer I met a wonderful lady who used to compete in body building. I was inspired to try it myself. Since October, with the help of my trainer, I have lost my excess weight and built up my body. Now at 126 lbs. I am ready to compete in my very first physique competition at the provincial qualifier.

I am so excited and will never be that old self again. I hope that, with my story, I can inspire at least one person, having them know that we are all part of something beautiful.

If I can do it, so can you.

Hi my name is Don Readman and I believe my wife the above Karen Tanya Readman deserves the Iron Will award for a bunch of reasons. The first reason is that she has lost 150+ LBS in approximately 2 years and I believe she looks better now than when I meet. She decided one day to quit smoking and at that point I believe she also said enough was enough and started to take care of herself because she wanted to be around for family and people to help them. At this point she started to run and go to the gym more often and started to get herself into better shape, which as we all know does not happen overnight. She has started to help a few other people with their diet and exercise because people will ask her how she lost all the weight, so she tells them and shows them if they ask. She has motivated me into eating better and taking care of myself more so I can be and keep up with her when we go places. She is a mother of three, works full time, takes care of our family and house, and still makes time to look after herself; while not letting anything slide. This is important because my job keeps me away from home for twenty one days in a row and then I am home for seven days (then I am back at work again). So must of the time she is doing all this by herself, which is very hard to look after a seventeen year old and a twenty one year, who still lives at home. I can honestly say she is the best thing that has ever happened to me. The problem is when you can only talk to your spouse for support when they are in an area where you can talk to them, makes you become stronger faster, if that makes sense. Also the most important part is that I believe in her and unfortunately probably do not tell her enough. The most important reason is I believe she is one of the bravest, strongest women I have ever meet.

Her Loving Husband,

Don R


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