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Iron Will Vitaliy Demchuk

Iron Will Award Candidate:

Vitaliy Demchuk

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Vitaliy Demchuk's Submission:

Hello, my name is Vitaliy Demchuk!

And I'm here to tell you my story. I always loved fitness and always enjoyed to be around this aura, working out is my lifestyle... but on September 3rd something horrible happened to me. I was at work (summer job,construction) I was walking by the stock of granite slabs that weighed over 3000 pounds, and I don't know how did this happened but a frame broke and all the slabs fell on my lower body. The only thing I remember is my dad screaming "son are you ok, are you ok ?! Please talk to me!!!!" I could hear his voice and I could respond but I was in shock because I realized that I couldn't feel my body. I could not feel my legs at all. I tried to move them but they didn't move. Then I looked down and I saw over 3000 pounds of granite laying on my legs... it was brutal... my co-workers tried to lift that heavy weight and it took them like 5 min until they got forklift to do it, but honestly it was the longest 5 min in my life. Then I heard EMS and fire trucks coming... but worse was just coming when they lifted the granite of my legs I saw my legs.. one of legs looked like a snake. My feet were laying like a "U" to the left, my knee to the right and my femur to the left.

I tried to move it and I realized that my body was moving but not my leg. I could feel my skin stretching I realized that my leg is broken in half in a couple spots ,but the worst part was when I saw my bone out by 2 inches. It was bleeding but I couldn't feel any pain I was dying inside I didn't wanna live at this moment. Some random guy was asking me "are you ok? Can you hear me?" I responded "Yes, I can hear you. Please take me somewhere. I really hope it's a nightmare pinch me pinch me!!!" I tried to pinch myself and I did it like 10 times after I realized that's it's not a dream it's a reality it's a reality...

Paramedics had to put my bones together before moving me anywhere without any medication... It was the worst pain that I have ever experienced in my life. I could feel my bones moving and every muscle was ripped apart...

Once I got into hospital I asked paramedic "Will I'll be walking?? Please tell me?!"

And he said "I'm not sure son, I'm not sure..."

At this moment... I literally wanted to kill myself. I know its sounds horrible now but that's how I felt. Once everyone left me before the surgery I finally cried. I was crying not because of the pain, but because of the thoughts in my mind. I didn't like myself as a human anymore. I just thought "that's the end of my life... I will be paralyzed from waist down... I won't be able to do everything I always wanted to do in my life..."

After the surgery my friends came to visit me. I tried to hold back the tears but after each of them left I started crying again. The antibiotics and painkillers didn't let me sleep and if they did it was nightmares only... of me falling of dying or getting killed.

After my second surgery I saw my doctor for a first time. He said there is going to be 50%-50% chance for you to walk the same again. You won't be able to do any physical activities for at least 6 months. I was happy because I realized that there is a chance for me to at least walk now but on other hand I knew I would lose all the muscle and will become week again as before I started training. Doctor said my leg was broken in 10 spots and my femur in half and my shin was twisted and broken in half also which caused to get out of the skin. And my tibula was shattered in a million little pieces. But I'm lucky it didn't damage any nerves!

I spent the next two months doing nothing. I was so depressed and just hated how I look (you can see a selfie I sent you where I look fat lol) and my brother said :"let's go outside do something!" I refused because I didn't want anyone to see me because I looked like nothing. I was done. I gave up on everything with my life because I didn't want to start everything all over again. I got used to being lazy watching tv every day, eating junk food and doing nothing because that's all I could do for a while because of my leg. But one day my brother eventually made me go outside and I tried to do pull ups... I did barely 10 pull ups my max before the accident was like 40. I wheeled back on my wheel chair home and cried. I realized that I'm so week and miserable that I didn't wanna see or talk to anybody anymore. Next morning I woke up and took that picture I sent you of myself. I looked at that picture for an hour and I realized that's it's time to go back and get myself back. I realized if I'll be complaining about how everything is so bad it won't get me anywhere and I will be getting worse. I would end up living in my parents basement forever!

I started going to the gym again and it was horrible. Because I was so weak and lazy (I was working out in wheelchair first, then with crutches it was very hard to put the weight on and off) but with every workout I became stronger and stronger!

And eventually I got back to where I was before the accident and I even progressed from there! First time I walked without crutches made me so happy, I teared up a little bit. My bench went from 185-265 in under 3 months of training. Today I can officially say that no matter what doctors tell you, you can do it if you believe in yourself. I got my life back and progressed in under 5 months of training. The doctors told me I wouldn't even be able to walk in 6 months . Now I'm training and competing 6 months after my accident. I lost the fight between me and injury but I won the war!!!! Now I'm fit, strong and smart about my progression!

The biggest thing I've learned from all this is value your life, value everything in your life because you never know what's ganna happen tomorrow... Hopefully my story touched your heart, thank you for listening!

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