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Many of Canada’s top sports nutrition brands are looking to hire brand ambassadors and demo reps across the country. They are looking for people that embody and active, healthy lifestyle while supporting each or any of the brands listed below. It doesn’t matter the sport, the goal or the athlete we are looking for people that best embody the characteristics of a “Jacked Rep” and to help raise the awareness of these brands across Canada.

This is your chance to gain exposure and help these brands expand across Canada! Willing to take on the challenge? Can you stand out?

Selection Process

We will be looking for ambassadors through to the end of the calendar year Dec 31, 2014. Successful candidates will be contacted by the associated companies directly. This isn’t a flash in the pan contest – consider this a job interview. You will be selected based on your social media presence & how you present yourself over the long haul. Let’s be honest if you’re going to become an ambassador or rep we need to see how you will conduct yourself both online and offline. You will be representing these brands online through social media, at events and at in store demos.

Each time you post please use the #JackedRepContest hashtag along with the hashtag of the assocated company you are trying to promote: #GaspariCanada / #MammothCanada #InteractiveCanada / #MuscleMedsCanada / #CellucorCanada / #MHPCanada / #ProSuppsCanada / #LiveAJackedLife

We’re looking for more than a great body, a pretty face and tons of followers. We are looking for athletic people who have personality & are marketable. We are looking for individuals that know how to build followers through their social media channels and engage with them regularly. Show us your personality and show us who you really are. Our customers are attracted to people who are genuine, have a heart and are willing to help others. Show us your real colours. We are picking based on personality.

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