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You have spent the money on the shoes, the gloves, the clothes, and the gym membership. You walk into the gym look around and ask yourself, "What do I do now?" If you are one of the millions of people who is ready to improve your fitness level but don't know where to start, Gorillajack.com is here to help you!!!
Here at Gorillajack.com our panel of experts gives you a comprehensive guide to training, helping you to reach whatever goal you have in mind. So whether your goal is weight-loss, gaining mass, growing lean muscle, or increasing strength we have the information to guide you. Our training section is dedicated to give you up to date information on the latest in training innovations.
If you're headed to the gym don't be one of those people that has no idea where to start. Be prepared, and stay informed. Our training tips will help you reach your goals easier, faster and with confidence. So what are you waiting for? Let us guide you, so you can start your fitness evolution.

I Owe it to Jack

Look at people that have reached their fitness goals through the help of Gorillajack.com. Now that they have reached their goals they what to show the world their results! Check out their success stories of how they have reached their fitness evolutions, and maybe it will inspire you to reach yours.
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Pamela Jane - Gorilla Girl
Pamela originally came to us as an "I Owe it to Jack" success story. We were so impressed by her story and results that we had to make her our Gorilla Girl.
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