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Karlene Sea-liciousLiquid [250mL]

Karlene Sea-liciousLiquid [250mL]
Manufacturer: Karlene
Manufacturer Part No: 2106
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Karlene Sea-liciousLiquid [250mL]

 Sea-liciousLiquid Features

Natural Triglyceride5-star IFOS tested and certified for purity, potency and freshnessNon-GMOGluten-freeContains no shellfishSweetened with zero-sugar monk fruit

  Supplement Facts & Nutritional Panel

Manufacturer: Karlene
Serving Size: 1 tbsp
Servings Per Container: 30

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EFA (Essential Fatty Acids)
Fish Oils

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 Details of Karlene Sea-liciousLiquid

SeaLicious is the best-tasting omega-3 fish oil with absolutely no fish-flavor. With SeaLicious, getting your daily value of omega-3 is easy and delicious! No rancid smell or strong aftertaste, just a light, smooth textured oil and innovative flavours everyone in your family will love. Being healthy never tasted so good! SeaLicious provides a revolutionary, breakthrough antioxidant system called ASTA GUARD. Astaxanthins have been touted as the antioxidant everyone should be taking, its the antioxidant you can see and is responsible for the red-rich color of wild-salmon meat and cooked shellfish.

Whats in a flavor?
All the natural flavors in Sea-licious are created through steam distillation, similar to the way essential oils are created. The flavours are distilled or vaporized from the fruit and then concentrated. Once the flavors have been concentrated, they are added to the pure fish oil to give the delicious burst of flavor that Sea-licious is known for.

 Ingredients in Sea-liciousLiquid


 Warnings about Karlene: Sea-liciousLiquid


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