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MTNT Mutant Mass [5 lbs]

MTNT Mutant Mass [5 lbs]
Manufacturer: Mutant
Manufacturer Part No: 2024
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MTNT Mutant Mass [5 lbs]

 Mutant Mass Features

The Benefits of Multiple Protein Sources
A wide variety of protein sources deliver a vast cross spectrum of amino acids, which triggers greater uptake by muscle cells. The multi-staged protein matrix found in Mutant Mass is designed to shuttle more usable protein into your muscles and flood them with a continuous supply of muscle-building amino acids all day and all night!

Mutant Mass:
includes Mutant Pro's multi-staged protein formula
contains a whopping 52 grams of amino acids per serving
utilizes Clean-Carb featuring waxy maize
comes with added Lipo-Therm Sport Oil Matrix with MCTs
contains Intrasorb-5 with Colostrum & Cinnulin-PF
mixes easily & tastes incredible

  Supplement Facts & Nutritional Panel

Manufacturer: Mutant
Serving Size: 1 Scoop
Servings Per Container: 75
Calories: 1050
Protein: 52g
Fat: 18g
Carbs: 170g

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 Details of Mutant Mutant Mass

What does each Matrix found in the Mutant Mass formula do?

MUTANT PRO Multi-Staged 10 Protein Matrix
- Provides your body with 10 different sources of complete protein.
- Includes a unique combination of fast-acting and slow-release protein sources.
- Provides your muscles with a constant supply of amino acids to enhance muscle growth, tissue repair and recovery all day long!

CLEAN-CARB Pro-Glycogen Matrix
- Includes waxy maize and waxy barley starch, which are absorbed faster than any other carbohydrate sources!
- Increases the speed and magnitude of muscle glycogen refueling to a greater degree than other carbohydrates.
- Maximizes exercise performance and enhances recovery.

LIPOTHERMTM Sport Oil Matrix
- Delivers a unique combination of top-quality lean' fats (including MCTs, CLA and Flax oil) to enhance muscle growth, reduce fat storage and support fat loss all at the same time!

AMINO-G Glutamine Peptide Matrix
- Delivers a cutting-edge form of enzymatically modified peptide bonded glutamine, which maximizes muscle cell volume and enhances muscle recovery.

INTRASORB-5 Calorie Impact Matrix
- Includes colustrum and Insu-Drive Complex (Cinnulin-PF Patented Aqueous Cinnamon Extract), which enhances the efficiency of insulin and the digestive system, thereby improving nutrient uptake by muscles.

 Directions for MTNT Mutant Mass

Mutant Mass can be used anytime throughout the day when your body needs an extra surge of muscle-building calories and nutrients. Simply shake or mix 4 scoops of Mutant Mass with 480-960 ml (16-32 fl oz) of water or milk. To ensure maximum growth and recovery, many bodybuilders and athletes drink one Mutant Mass shake first thing in the morning, and a second immediately after training.

 Ingredients in Mutant Mass


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