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Natural Factors Ultimate Omega 3-6-9 [90 Caps]

Natural Factors Ultimate Omega 3-6-9 [90 Caps]
Manufacturer: Natural Factors
Manufacturer Part No: 2034
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Natural Factors Ultimate Omega 3-6-9 [90 Caps]

 Ultimate Omega 3-6-9 Features

Vital to circulationPromotes hemoglobin productionMaintains healthy skinStimulates the synthesis of good prostaglandin hormonesHelps the anti-inflammatory responseImportant to eye and brain development for improved learningRequired for immune functionLowers triglyceride and cholesterol levels

  Supplement Facts & Nutritional Panel

Manufacturer: Natural Factors

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EFA (Essential Fatty Acids)
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 Details of Natural Factors Ultimate Omega 3-6-9

Healthy skin, better immune function, less inflammation, enhanced brain function and better moods all these benefits come from daily supplementation with OmegaFactors Ultimate 369 softgels.

 Ingredients in Ultimate Omega 3-6-9


 Warnings about Natural Factors: Ultimate Omega 3-6-9


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