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Wes Bauer & Chase the Cure

Wes' Story - Chase the Cure
I remember the day as if it were yesterday. I had just finished class at my high school and walked outside to my father's truck. I looked into my father's eyes and saw they were teary. He told me "e;Wes, I have a cancerous tumor in the back of my throat."e;

My heart stopped and worries set in.My father, my hero, someone who I looked up to, had cancer. I felt helpless as I watched my mother become more and more worried about her husband and stressed about the complications, cancer had brought into our lives.

Today, my father is healthy and strong. It was after his treatments ceased I saw how large the cancer community is. It has been stated that 44% of Canadian men, and 38% of Canadian women will develop cancer within their lifetime. On average 1,398 Canadians will die of cancer every week.

As a student, I believe in research as a crucial pathway for solving cancer.I believe that there is a cure for cancer. I feel that it is necessary as a community of all ages to generate a strong campaign which will not only raise awareness, but also generate funds for cancer care and research.

Chase the Cure is in support of the Never Alone Foundation. It is a cross-Canadian bike tour with Wes Bauer to raise funds to help end cancer. Donations raised throughout Canada by our Chase the Cure ride will assist both national cancer programs and your provincial cancer foundations. Together, through research, education and patient support services we will find a cure for cancer. We hope you will join us in this great journey to end cancer
... Together We Ride.

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The Sports Supplements Wes Needs for the Ride

  CytoSport: Muscle Milk [2.48 lbs]

When you are averaging around 200Km per day on the bike you can be sure that you are blowing through a ton of calories and canabolizing muscle. Muscle Milk is a great protein for Wes to take before bed. Its formula contains complex carbohydrates, healthy fats and high amounts of protein that slowly get digested by his body while he sleeps. This helps to make sure that Wes' body doesn't try to use his muscle as an energy source while he sleeps. Plus it tastes so good that its a nice treat before bed.

  PVL: Waxy Maize Maxx

Spending 4-5 hours a day on a bike means that Wes' body is constantly seeking carbs to maintain his energy. At pit stops Wes needs to refuel with a carb source that his body can quickly absorb. Recent studies have shown that Waxy Maize (starch) gets absorbed twice as fast as other carbs because it has a high molecular weight and a low osmality rate. This means that this type of carb powder helps replenish Wes' gylcogen faster so that he can maintain energy levels during his rides.

  CytoSport: Cytomax Powder [4.5 lbs]

Hydration, Hydration, Hydration. Wes cannot complete this ride with proper hydration. Water is nice and all but it does not replenish what you lose through sweat. Cytomax has a unique balanced formula that not only contains electrolytes but important vitamins and minerals. This formulation helps Wes fend of dehydration and heat stroke during his ride.